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So much to do at Camp Frontier!
Because every Camper has unique interests, each
selects their own schedule from 40+ activities.
Campers of every age are able to participate in any activity.

Campers in our Traditional OverNight Camp Program 
select two activities to attend each morning of the week
and daily select two different afternoon aftivities.

Campers enrolled in all other Programs choose activities daily
in addition to those included in their Program.


Availability for Summer Camp 2017 - Space Is Limited - SignUp Today!

updated 2/17/17

Indicates the number of spaces available for each Camper Group
Camper Groups Session 1
Sun, June 11 to Sat, June 24
Session 2
Sun, June 25
to Sat, July 15
Session 3
Sun, July 16
to Sat, Aug 5
Adventurer Girls (ages 15-17) 9 911
Pioneer Girls (ages 13-14) 11 1311
Explorer Girls (ages 10-12) 12 1312
Trailblazer Girls (ages 7-9) 9 9 9
Adventurer Boys (ages 15-17) 11 84
Pioneer Boys (ages 13-14) 13 10 12
Explorer Boys (ages 10-12) 13 8 10
Trailblazer Boys (ages 7-9) 9 8 7
Appalachian Trail      
BackPacking Program 9   
Boys & Girls, ages 13-17 Additional Hikers    
Mon, July 17 - Tues, Aug 1      


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